Founder Director & Chief Academic Mentor​



Youthful and exciting demographics of india makes it the possible future Global leader. Whether it is possible or not depends on the abilities of our future citizens who, at present, are going to schools,colleges and universities. It is our responsibility to develop them into capable and responsible,exciting and value driven citizens so that they can go on to live fulfilling lives and achieve all that they aspire for.

VIITJEE DOCTOR’S ACADEMY has an important role in shaping up youngminds into future leaders of the world. We take immense pride in discharging our duties in this grand ideology. We believe that any learning programme must also keep in mind the psychological aspects of target students

One must endeavor to keep on upgrading our methods of learning and follow the scientific learning research going on in the world. it is not just about solving a problem but to realize the joy of learning and make students a life-long learning creatures.


Co Founder & Director


All the employees must be taken care of well by the management so that the employees can focus well on taking care of students and parents. Continuous training of employees for the skill-set needed, in  the long run, improve the over all performance of the organisation. We must in calculate in kaizen ideology in every aspect ofour job and strive for continuous and quantum improvement in delivering our promise to our students and parents. We must simply focus, with earnest sincerity, on providing the best quality in our service and our vision will automatically be achievest. Our abilities are the blessings of God given to us to serve the society towards betterment of humanity


To become the leader in India in the segment of coaching and foundation for competitive examinations by 2030


To become the best in learning and career building organization and serve the society with the ever-upgrading learning methodologies

Guiding Principal

  • Endeavor to apply Kaizen principles in every aspect of organization
  • model (Pride, Personal Improvement,Positive Criticism, Positive Influence) for employees
  • Perfect delivery of knowledge is only job half done – guiding the students during practice, performance analysis, feedback and consolidation process are equally important
  • Automate the customize the personalized improvement programme
  • Use technology to connect students, parents, teachers and administrators and facilitate information flow to all the stakeholders involved
  • Establish joint ventures and partnerships with compatible individuals and organizations